Dedicated to helping kids succeed
I am a licensed occupational therapist with 23+ years of experience. This includes 13 -years spent working with a variety of wonderful families on the Upper West and Upper East sides of Manhattan. There I developed my unique brand of dedicated one-on-one interaction specifically designed to help each child reach their full potential, along a schedule tailored to each family’s needs. My mission is to bring each child to a place where they can thrive and find joy, both inside their family and in the outside world. Through play, I bring forth the skills and self-confidence they need to succeed in all aspects of their lives.
Areas of Expertise
Visual and Auditory
Treatment (NDT)
Executive Function
and Cognition
Without Tears
Functional Vision and
Perceptual Skills
Fine & Gross
Motor Skills
Attention, Organization and
Sequencing Skills
Dietary Interventions
and Gaps Diet

“At the age of 5, when kids start writing their names speaking clearly, my daughter could barely recognize the first letter of his name, and her speech wasn't very clear. At that moment, while working on her speech therapy, I was introduced to Healthy Kids OT and it was a game-changer.

The learning curve change dramatically, she started writing her name, then improving with her sight words, and now she is an As & Bs proud first grader.

The hard work with Healthy Kids OT, help her academically but mostly it improved her self-esteem. She is proud of her achievements and thriving in life.

As a mom, all I want is the happiness of my daughter, and Healthy Kids OT gave my daughter all the tools to be happy.

“I can’t tell you how fabulous Linda is, she has been working with my son for a couple years now and he has really shown such wonderful progression. The two of them have also formed a wonderful bond that is super special. She builds on his strengths while encouraging and teaching how to better navigate the areas that are more challenging. Linda is very good at what she does and has certainly found the right career path. We love you Linda!


“My daughter has cerebral palsy and a history of petite mal seizures due to a stroke at birth. She also has severe ADHD that makes it difficult for her to focus without proper guidance and support. Linda had the patience, knowledge, and kindness to make my daughter feel safe and motivated.”

“My son showed great progress in a short amount of time while working with Linda. She managed to make therapy fun and engaging for him by using many different techniques and games. I highly recommend her to anyone with a child in need of occupational therapy or NeuroNet Learning.”

“Thanks to Linda, my preemie twin daughters were able to make great strides and catch up with their peers. She’s cheerful, knowledgeable and reliable. My daughters were always so excited to see her!”

about me
I’m dedicated to providing quality care and connecting with children, on their level. Within my 24+ years in practice, I’ve worked in clinical, school, home, and community-based settings in New York and Miami.
Eastern Michigan University | Ypsilanti,
Michigan Bachelor of Science in Occupational Therapy

The National Board for Certification in Occupational Therapy
Healthcare Providers Service Organization
The Holistic Chamber of Commerce, Miami Chapter

State of Florida Department of Health
The University of the State of New York, Education Department
The Cushman School | Miami, FL
Bamm Services | Miami, FL
Manhattan Center for Early Learning | New York, NY
Children’s Hospital of Detroit | Detroit, Michigan
St. Joseph’s Hospital | Pontiac, Michigan
Henry Ford Hospital | West Bloomfield, Michigan

Occupational Therapy (OT) helps children participate in their most important occupation — play. It provides a framework for helping them overcome obstacles associated with learning, planning and sequencing of activities at home, school or socially and to equip their families with adaptive strategies. Through my work, I address challenges including tone, diet, coordinated movement, strength, sensory dysregulation, auditory/visual processing skills, and fine/visual-motor skills, appropriate developmental skills progression, and much more. In doing so, I hope to also facilitate an enhanced sense of self-worth, competence and belonging for the children I serve. I provide a safe and nurturing environment and therapeutic treatment plans designed on a case-by-case basis to empower children and their families to live more balanced, independent, and fulfilling lives.


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